List the local network devices

This is a little and really simple Alfred Extension that I have hacked together. It helps me keep control of my network in a slightly more comfortable manner.

The code can easily be extended to take other ip-ranges.

Get the extension here. The icon comes from the Etched Iconset from

2 thoughts on “List the local network devices

  1. Hello Carl/ thank you for the Alfred extension, please can you let me know what the second application (from the left) on the menubar is (it looks like Fantastical but slightly different).


    1. Hello James! Thank you for your comment! Actually, you are correct, it is the icon of Fantastical. I chose the monochrome version without the date number (since it is already in the menubar!). This icon looks like that in my version of Fantastical, maybe it is different in other versions.


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