An new version of G+ Notifier

Skärmavbild 2012-08-07 kl. 19.05.26

Ok, so I decided that the old one was outdated. The new one uses the Notification Center of OS X 10.8. Get it here! (There is also a Swedish version, which can be downloaded here, unless I screwed up with the urls…)

As always, the app is free of use and the source is available on demand (see email below!).

To quit the program, one has to use the kill command that lives in the terminal OR logout.

If you …
…like to change the icons, edit the app’s resource folder.
…find any bugs, memory leaks or anything, write me a line carl dot londahl (O) gmail dot com.
…like it and want to leave a comment, do not hesitate 😉

DISCLAIMER: I do not take responsibility for any damaged caused by the application.

21 thoughts on “An new version of G+ Notifier

    1. No, sorry, I haven’t.

      You will probably have to parse the page somehow. That can be a bit tricky, but it is of course doable with some effort.

      I might look into a more general and ‘adjustable’ notifier (forums, Facebook, etc) some day, but right now I am too busy with work.

      1. Yes, translation still ok 🙂 I guess it is “#number unread notifications” that should be translated.

        BTW: I put up a post on the community you suggested. Thanks!

  1. Eh, that was my mistake. I have it installed on a 2011 iMac that I was using Safari on, and a 2010 MBP with Chrome. Plus different language on each. It’s not a safari/chrome thing-not really sure what the difference is. The MBP can’t run all of ML, but I’ve gotten the notifier to work on it before. Not really sure what’s going on here. :/

    1. I can’t see why it shouldn’t work. Try closing and renaming it. Maybe something got stuck in the NC pipe. Otherwise, if it doesn’t work, I suggest you use the old one.

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