Getting Fruityloops (FL Studio) to work with OS X 10.7

FL Studio is a super-simple yet powerful music production suite used by a lot of electronic music artists. Unlike Ableton Live, which in my opinion is somewhat more professional and cleaner looking, FL Studio is really easy to learn and has all the characteristics of a sequencer from the 80’s. Bundled together with loads of instruments (such as TS-404, which is a port the good ol’ acid and Detroit techno frontline synthesizer TB-303) it is a killer app.

Here’s how to wrap it: First of all, do not use the WineBottler to make a wrapper. It is a hassle getting the ASIO drivers to work properly. A common problem is that the program will not be able to output any sound from scratch and requires an endless cycle of compiling packages. From what I read, you need JackWASIO and it does not seem to be supported anymore by OS X 10.7.

The trick is to use Wineskin, used for making Windows games playable on a Mac. Simply download it from here. Then download FL Studio. I downloaded 8.0.

Use Wineskin to create a wrapper. Open the wrapper and click Install. Choose the Windows installer executable and let it do its magic. Now, right-click the app and show the contents. Double-click the Wineskin binary in the root of the file. Click Advanced and point it to /Program Files/Image-Line/FL Studio 8/FL.exe.

All set! Close the folder and enjoy FL Studio, as if it were on a Windows machine.

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