Re-mapping KBT Pure Pro in OS X

For my everyday-use computer, I use a modded KBT Pure Pro; this is a small mechanical keyboard with aluminium base and background lightning, perfect for programming and typing. The size of the keyboard is 60 % of a normal one, making it suitable for spatially constrained workspaces. To my experience, it is also more ergonomic. Below is a comparison of the Pure Pro and a wireless Apple keyboard. For those being the in the process of buying a keyboard, I recommend this one 🙂


For quite a while, I have used Linux on this computer. But after installing OS X, the keyboard map went wack, so to speak. Many keys were mapped incorrectly. Using Ukulele, I created a customized layout with correct mapping (don’t mind the duplicate keys):

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 13.43.21

The layout covers all keys and can be found here. NOTE: this is a layout for KBT Pure Pro with British ISO layout and not ANSI.

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