Project Tuffe Part 3

Throttle design

The paradigm is minimalistic design. No unnecessary parts, it is just a handle which goes in two directions. Forward (left) is 5V, up is neutral (2.4 – 2.6 V) and back is 0V. The lever controls the 5 kΩ potentiometer via a 2:1 cog gear. The intention is to be able to control the force needed to change the thrust, but also move the applied force from the mechanical parts in the potentiometer to the handle.


Concept with power indicator


Base mount

The mount is being made from thick stainless steel and is designed to allow for a few degrees of freedom. An elastic axial connection is used to reduce vibration. It is modular and contains three plates that are movable. One for the axis, one for the motor mount and one for the electronics mount.


Electrical parts

Electronics and wiring that are complete:

  • Battery monitor
  • Key switch
  • High-voltage circuit with contactor

Electronics that remain:

  • Speedometer
  • Temperature control
  • RPM monitor


Components for this have been ordered on eBay. I will be using a GPS u-blox module to get the position, from which speed can be derived. Temperature is read from motor via analog interface (KTY84-130). The RPM is read from 12V Hall-effect sensor (this will be scaled down to 5V with a resistor bridge and a Schottky diode).


Everything will be presented on an OLED display, which I need to protect from moisture somehow. Suggestions are welcome. My initial idea is to use plexiglass on the front and backfill with epoxi.

Meter concept arts



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